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Hi! Let me introduce myself!

Who's Kellie?

I live [and work] in a home with a handsome, hardworking, supportive husband + two 4-legged pups that are the light of my life. I wear sweatpants as often as I can, I value comfort. 

I enjoy red wine, sour beer, & my husband’s bourbon. 

Pizza is my weakness, next to pasta, and almost anything with extra black pepper. If I were to go missing I’m either reading or re-watching Harry Potter. I love chaos, but at the end of the day - I love comfort and home. 

I go out of my way to make others happy - occasionally overstepping - because I’m an empath and simply want to see others smile. 

I got my start in photography with Atypical Brewery & Barrelworks by capturing their delicious brew nearly 5 years ago. From there I look a chance in boudoir, because the world is hard enough for women, so if I can be one human who hypes other women, I will. And I enjoy every second of it. I love watching someone’s confidence & self-love multiple in one hour.  Next, I was asked to do family photos, and maternity, and milestones. And I couldn’t say no. Now, I have the honor of capturing “I do”s and tiny toes. 

I hate numbers, but love words, and you know what they say about a picture, it’s worth 1,000. 

I capture…

People tying the knot | New life coming into this world | Amazing women who trusted me with boudoir | Parents seeing their littles grow | Food | Drinks | Flowers | Sunsets | Diamond rings | Baby Bumps | Love 

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